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Is your team asleep at the wheel when it comes to clinical notes?

Is your team asleep at the wheel when it comes to clinical notes? A lack of clear and detailed clinical notes, made in an efficient manner, can make or break your practice in so many ways. When a dentist is charged with malpractice,

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Fun and For Real-Rachel talks with Howard Farran-Return on Hygiene

It was my pleasure and honor to be featured recently on Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast.  One thing I love is that Howard gets his guests to Get Real. And that’s just what we did.  Besides being a ton of fun to listen

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Doctor-here’s proof you DON’T have to do it

One reason some Dentists don’t reach out to coaches for help is because they are afraid THEY will have to do all the work. You’re already busy and can’t imagine adding more to your plate and at the same time,

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[VIDEO] Tough Questions, LIVE Answers

Have you ever heard Kirk Behrendt speak? If you have, you’ll remember it. Kirk, in my opinion, is one of the most engaging, enthusiastic speakers in dentistry. Lucky for me, Kirk recently asked me to join him on his Best

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Where do you stand?

So have you ever wondered how your hygiene department compares to others around the country? Well now you can find out! In this quick book review I’ll share how you can get my new book ROH:Return on Hygiene for shipping only. Take

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[Quick Video Tip] You’re a marketer

Yep- you read that right. You’re a marketer. How does that make you feel? There’s a lot of GOOD that results from marketing. Your patients that benefit from the great care you provide…that’s just one example. Enjoy my quick video this week and

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[VIDEO] Straight Outta Charlotte- Very Special Announcement

I’m so excited to share this news with you!!  It is my pleasure to formally announce that our team has grown to include Emme Sanders as Lead Hygiene Profitability Coach. Emme is based here in Charlotte and, in just a few

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[Book Review] How can YOU impact heart disease…

It’s National Heart Health month and we’re bringing you resources to learn more about how YOU make a difference in the heart health of your patients, your family & friends and your team.  Here’s a quick book recommendation to get

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Time Management and Gingivitis Therapy

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new codes released by the ADA this year. One in particular is going to be very helpful in the treatment of moderate-severe gingivitis.  Patients with moderate-severe gingivitis often fall through the cracks of

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From my family to yours

I hope you had a restful holiday. I sure did. No exotic or exhausting trips for the Wall family this year. We slept late every morning, baked cookies, watched movies and played games. It was probably the most restful Christmas

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