Embracing Change!


I love working with high caliber dentists and team members; it’s always a joy! It’s especially rewarding when the team embraces change. While the goal is always elevated patient care and successful treatment outcomes, some teams and individuals resist change.

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[Video Tip] Documentation: Are you doing enough?


Like it or not, documentation is quickly becoming a very important task in our role as dental professionals. The trick is to learn how to do it all and still TAKE CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS. Am i right? So in

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Making the invisible, visible!

Victoria Head Shot 2 (4)

This month’s Special Topic Mastermind Webinar will help you understand why and decide when to use salivary diagnostics.  Much different than ‘culturing’, salivary diagnostics uses polymerase chain reaction and next generation sequencing for a testing platform. These results can help you determine

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[Video Book Review] Are you doing TOO many things?


I know you’ve felt it at one time or another. I have too. It’s…overwhelm. And when you feel overwhelmed it can be hard to make any progress at all with the task at hand. I talk with hygienists all the

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Growth in the Midst of Adversity?

Hammond Pond team picture

Is it even fathomable to expect growth in our practice when we are facing adversity and/or major change? Is it possible to stop our natural tendency to ‘white knuckle’ it until we weather the storm and hope to not have the ship sink? 

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WOW – 7 Million Undiagnosed?


Adult onset Diabetes is a completely preventable condition!  And wouldn’t you know, periodontal disease plays a big role in the onset and the progression of the disease process. Watch this short 3 min video and learn more about the relationship

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Are you walking your talk?


Last week, as I had my 16 year old daughter in my chair, receiving her PAST DUE recare, I thought to myself “am I past due as well?” Sure enough, I was almost 8 months over! During her exam, I

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Can you really THINK your way to success?

Deanna Robinson

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw There is so much power behind our thoughts and how our thoughts shape

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Is perio really a risk factor for heart disease?


I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that treating gum disease goes way beyond saving teeth. Treating periodontal disease is a LIFE SAVING gift we can offer our patients. Are you doing all you can to help you patients

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What will your patients think?

Drs. Belton & Schrimper

If you’re like just about EVERY dental professional I’ve ever met, you’ve asked yourself this question when you’ve been faced with telling a long standing patient they have active periodontal disease. It’s so common…especially when you’re working on taking your

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