I’m grateful for you…really I am

I know you’re busy and if you’re here in the US, you’re probably preparing for the Thanksgiving celebration. So I’ll make this short and sweet. What I’ve noticed lately is that sometimes we (ok…me) let the ‘busy-ness’ of our lives get

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Treating Periodontal Disease at its Earliest Stage!


Have you ever wondered why some of our patients don’t take their own oral health seriously? Ever frustrated with all of the time and effort spent explaining, educating and even sometimes shaming our patients into being more proactive with good

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Documentation for Dollars


Last month’s Hygiene Profits Mastermind Webinar focused on the correct use of insurance codes as well as avoiding the pitfalls of coding errors. This month, with the help of Dr. Roy Shelburne, also with Practice Boosters, we’ll understand the importance of record

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Does it still ring true after 10 years?

Me and Diane circa 2005-ish

A couple weeks ago, I was preparing one of my videos for this newsletter and my friend Diane said to me… ‘Do realize you’ve been doing this e-zine for 10 years’? See, Diane has helped me with Inspired Hygiene since Day

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Did I Save My Patient’s Life Today?

Jamie Marboe

Last week I had a dental emergency happen in my chair. It was a very scary situation to say the least. I, like many of us have been trained to handle most medical emergencies should they arise, but have wondered…could

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Catch that Ball!


Handling patient objections is one of the most challenging and time consuming things we do! Becoming an expert at handling objections is a learned skill. Watch this short 3 min video for some tips and techniques that will help you,

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What would YOU do with this new patient?


I recently received an email with a very common dilemma. It’s a situation where a new patient had perio therapy years ago in another practice and now their dental benefit provider will not contribute to Periodontal Maintenance. Because this is

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Don’t Go To Jail

Blair Small

Insurance coding errors are more common than you might think!  Using the ‘wrong’ code or applying the code in the ‘wrong’ sequence is often an honest mistake that may have serious consequences. Join Dr. Charles Blair and myself as we

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Get Inspired by an RDH Rock Star!

Rock Star Rita Photo

We often hear the term “Over Achiever” when describing some of our colleagues and clients in the dental profession. As I was preparing for this week’s e-zine where I am highlighting a RDH that demonstrates how to be a true

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Bleeding Trumps Pocket Depth!


In July, the American Dental Association published an abstract dealing with the delivery of non-surgical periodontal therapy with and without adjuncts like locally applied antibiotics, systemic antibiotics and laser. The results may surprise you!! I encourage you to watch this

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