Hygiene Chair Restorative Enrollment


Restorative enrollment during the dental hygiene hour is one of the most important aspects of the recare visit.  Doctors rely on their Hygiene Team to identify potential restorative needs, help keep their schedule full and meet production goals. This quick

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[Quick Video Tip] Why don’t your x-rays show the bone loss?


Ever wonder why you see signs of active perio disease in the mouth but the x-rays don’t reveal the bone loss you expected to see? This week’s super quick video tip (its about 30 seconds long) is from my presentation

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Work Smart ~ Avoid Pain


If you’ve been in dentistry at the chair for any length of time, you know the importance of practicing good ergonomics.  And, if you are just beginning your career, well, there’s nothing like starting off on the right foot. Learn

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How do you handle objections?


How many times have you and/or your team not implemented a new protocol or system based on your fear of patient rejection? You attend a great CE seminar and the whole team wants to start utilizing what you just learned

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Think Differently

done it this way

When it comes to the early intervention and treatment of periodontal disease, I often hear myself telling hygienists and dentists… “It’s time to do something different”! While this statement remains true, the real magic happens when we actually begin to

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[Quick Video Tip] Improve your relationship with your periodontist-Part 2


Well, did you reach out to your periodontist like I suggested in Part 1? I’d love to hear if you have scheduled the Lunch & Learn.  If not, get to it. 🙂 Now it’s time for the communication to come

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Is chewing a lost art?

lost art of chewing

Quite frankly, the thought never occurred to me that chewing could in fact be a lost art.  Does the American diet of highly processed foods have implications that are detrimental to our health beyond the obvious diabetes and obesity concerns? 

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[Quick Video Tip] Improve your relationship with your periodontist-Part 1

ezine 080416_2

I bet if you ask your team what your protocol is for referring patients to the periodontist, you’ll get a few different answers. There’s not been a team yet that we’ve worked with that has a VERY clear, consistent protocol

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Meet me in Orlando


Summer can be a busy and fun time, often including travel. If your plans take you to Orlando, Florida in mid August, please join me and a host of other impressive speakers at SIROWORLD 2016. Watch this short 3 minute

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Are You Ready?

Cindy Kleiman head shot 300 DPI

As the population ages, you are serving a growing number of older and more medically complex and compromised patients. The chances of encountering a serious medical emergency in your dental office is greatly increased. Are you ready? Join Cindy Kleiman, RDH, and myself for this months webinar, Medical Histories and

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