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As the population ages, you are serving a growing number of older and more medically complex and compromised patients. The chances of encountering a serious medical emergency in your dental office is greatly increased. Are you ready? Join Cindy Kleiman, RDH, and myself for this months webinar, Medical Histories and

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Are You Ready for a Medical Emergency? Anywhere?


Several months ago I did a video discussing a medical emergency that happened to me with my diabetic father while he was in my chair. I discussed the 3 important questions we need to ask these medically compromised patients BEFORE

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Happy 4th of July


I’m so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy here in the US. I can’t even begin to name them all but one of them is the freedom to work and serve our industry in our own unique way. And even

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Experience the POWER OF 6-3-2


Eleven little words can make your day, and maybe the day of those around you. Watch this 3 min video and learn how you can use the power of 6-3-2 to make today the best day ever!   If you’d

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[Quick Video Tip] Special Announcement


In this week’s super quick video, I share a special announcement. I’ve been sharing this news as I’ve been speaking across the country recently and everyone has been very excited. As this code comes into use, there will be a ton of

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Reduce risks, Save Lives, Grow your practice


All of us here at Inspired Hygiene are very passionate about the early detection of Oral Head and Neck Cancers and we trust that you are too.  Given these facts, I know you won’t want to miss the upcoming Hygiene

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Connecting the Dots with our Imaging


A few weeks ago I did a video tip on connecting the dots for our patients when updating their health history. Today’s video tip is how to best utilize our imaging for improved patient acceptance. Before we go in to

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What’s being left out?


You’ve probably heard about the 20-20-20 concept to managing hygiene appointment time.  As we’ve taught this over the past dozen years of coaching and training dental teams one thing we’ve learned is this…When recare appointment time drops much below 60minutes,

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Best Dentist in Bakersfield


I’m so excited to introduce you to the dynamic team at Dr. Thomas Frank’s office who have been named Best Dentist in Bakersfield for the 8th year in a row!  Wow, what an honor!  Please join all of us at

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Get Your Patients To Show Up

no show

Picture this… it’s Monday morning, the phone is ringing off the hook and you just had three cancellations, two for the Hygienist and one for the Doctor.  Ugh!  Your priority for this morning just became schedule recovery.  Never mind that

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