How High Do You Want To Raise Your Level of Care?

Many of us have gone through times in both our personal and professional lives when we ask ourselves “What is next, where next do I/we need to grow”. So when we at Inspired Hygiene start out our private coaching process with our clients, we ask for a team and doctor questionnaire. We ask for this information to help uncover and decide together, what the next level of growth is. Ask yourself as an Oral Health Care provider “What do you want your next level of care to be?

Look at the growth on the table below and see how this team from Illinois is continuing to RAISE THE BAR ON THEIR PATIENT CARE!


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One comment on “How High Do You Want To Raise Your Level of Care?
  1. No One in Particular says:

    That’s an interesting chart. Tell me, how did this office track the details of how these changes affected the health of their patients?

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