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Critical Thinking with Difficult Patients

We have all been there a time or two with that difficult patient! They seem compliant, you have done everything that you can think of from a clinical treatment standpoint, yet they still appear unhealthy due to the amount of

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Have you won the battle but lost the war?

I recently had a really cool conversation with a Dentist we’ve coached over the years. It started as a coding question but what he shared is an excellent example of strong leadership that we can all learn from.  Watch this brief video

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Saving Lives…One Mouth at a Time!

Last month, I shared part of a presentation I did in front of my fellow peers at SCN’s (Speaking Consulting Networking) annual convention in Orlando. I relayed a story about a patient who challenged me early on in my hygiene

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Do You Really Treat Your Patients Like They Are Family?

Most of us truly believe that what sets us apart as GREAT hygienists, dentists and health care providers to our patients is that we treat them like they are family.  I am sure you would also agree that sometimes either

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Simple exercise to make you feel like a day at the beach!

Have you ever walked in the office and it just feels bad? Feels heavy?⛈  What is that feeling?  What happened to that “day at the beach feeling”? Most likely, that is the feeling of a team with “sand in their swimsuits”.

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High Impact Communication

Patient communication is always a topic of interest! Using high impact words and phrases can make a big difference in a patients’ ability to understand why following through with diagnosed treatment is in their best interest. During a recent workshop,

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Periodontal Language

Understanding the communication we receive from our Periodontist colleagues can have challenges.  Little wonder since periodontists and hygienists are trained using differing terminology which can lead to confusion, frustration and stress. Join Dr. Audra Ward and myself for this months

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Hygiene Chair Restorative Enrollment

Restorative enrollment during the dental hygiene hour is one of the most important aspects of the recare visit.  Doctors rely on their Hygiene Team to identify potential restorative needs, help keep their schedule full and meet production goals. This quick

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How do you handle objections?

How many times have you and/or your team not implemented a new protocol or system based on your fear of patient rejection? You attend a great CE seminar and the whole team wants to start utilizing what you just learned

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[Quick Video Tip] Improve your relationship with your periodontist-Part 2

Well, did you reach out to your periodontist like I suggested in Part 1? I’d love to hear if you have scheduled the Lunch & Learn.  If not, get to it. 🙂 Now it’s time for the communication to come

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