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[VIDEO] Tough Questions, LIVE Answers

Have you ever heard Kirk Behrendt speak? If you have, you’ll remember it. Kirk, in my opinion, is one of the most engaging, enthusiastic speakers in dentistry. Lucky for me, Kirk recently asked me to join him on his Best

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From Resistant to Rock Stars

What does it take to become a rock star dental team?   It takes a dedicated leader, a committed team, an inspired vision, sprinkle in some fear, and add a lot of fun.  Voila, you have a rock star dental

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Where do you stand?

So have you ever wondered how your hygiene department compares to others around the country? Well now you can find out! In this quick book review I’ll share how you can get my new book ROH:Return on Hygiene for shipping only. Take

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Dr. Ward is Back!

I’m very excited to welcome back our very special Hygiene Profits Mastermind guest Dr. Audra Ward.  This month we’ll be learning about soft tissue augmentation. This webinar is packed with great information, lots of color photographs and multiple case studies,

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What more can I do?

Have you ever asked yourself, what more can I do?  Do you have a heart for the aging population in your community or perhaps in your own family? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you won’t want

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[VIDEO] Straight Outta Charlotte- Very Special Announcement

I’m so excited to share this news with you!!  It is my pleasure to formally announce that our team has grown to include Emme Sanders as Lead Hygiene Profitability Coach. Emme is based here in Charlotte and, in just a few

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Have You Fallen into a Perio Maintenance Trap?

The term “Prophy Trap” is a relatively common term for practices that are struggling with diagnosing and recommending perio therapy to their patients. One of the ways you know you are in this type of trap is when you find

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[Quick Video Tip] But They Can’t Have Treatment

Our words define our actions…and often the actions of others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘They can’t have that treatment, their insurance doesn’t cover it’. In this week’s Quick Video Tip I’ll share some ideas on

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What should you ask when interviewing a hygienist?

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at the annual session of the American Association of Dental Office Managers-AADOM.  This is the 4th year we’ve been an exhibitor at the conference and we love meeting so many

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Hygiene Chair Restorative Enrollment

Restorative enrollment during the dental hygiene hour is one of the most important aspects of the recare visit.  Doctors rely on their Hygiene Team to identify potential restorative needs, help keep their schedule full and meet production goals. This quick

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