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Celebrate! Celebrate… dance to the music!

Celebrating with my clients is hands down the best part of my job!  Please join me as I celebrate with this amazing father daughter team practicing in a suburb of Chicago! Look at the progress they’ve made in just 3

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Does it still ring true after 10 years?

A couple weeks ago, I was preparing one of my videos for this newsletter and my friend Diane said to me… ‘Do realize you’ve been doing this e-zine for 10 years’? See, Diane has helped me with Inspired Hygiene since Day

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Growth in the Midst of Adversity?

Is it even fathomable to expect growth in our practice when we are facing adversity and/or major change? Is it possible to stop our natural tendency to ‘white knuckle’ it until we weather the storm and hope to not have the ship sink? 

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What will your patients think?

If you’re like just about EVERY dental professional I’ve ever met, you’ve asked yourself this question when you’ve been faced with telling a long standing patient they have active periodontal disease. It’s so common…especially when you’re working on taking your

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Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina…

There I was loading my luggage into the car the day of the team workshop.  Look at the glory that greeted me! What a sunrise!  And it was indeed a wonderful beginning to a great day! Since then, the population

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A little inspiration from Michigan

Have you ever had one of those days?  Maybe you’re even having one today! You know: the kind of day where everything seems to take longer, everyone seems to be grumpy and things just aren’t going your way.  We all

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A little inspiration from California

By now we all know the power of positive thinking and proactive behavior!  Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  Having a can do attitude is the very first step when endeavoring to make

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Learn how praise can increase your production

How authentic praise can increase your production Authentic praise isn’t scripted.  It’s an organic exchange of conversation between Dr. and team and vice versa.  I can’t begin to tell you how much authentic moments of praise in front of my

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A little inspiration from West Virginia…

It’s no secret that West Virginia is the butt of just about every bad ‘tooth’ joke there is. But from rafting down the New River to driving through the beautiful fall foliage to the fabulous Linda Miles ☺, a lot

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What’s YOUR definition of success?

Every time we talk to a potential new client we ask them ‘What are your top 2 challenges in the hygiene department?’.  And then next we ask them ‘What are your initial and long-range goals for your hygiene department as

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