Turn 10 into $100k

What I consistently find when analyzing hygiene departments is that one huge area of opportunity is undiagnosed and untreated perio in existing patients. Most practices are pretty good at getting new patients into some level of perio care but then there are no systems for keeping them in maintenance or identifying when they need to go back […]

How to Finally Get Things Done

No one likes marking things off a ‘To-Do’ list better than me! That’s how I see what I’ve accomplished and create my work plan for the coming days, weeks and months. The same is true for a dental practice. Here’s what I see happening a lot. You have a great team meeting with lots of […]

What have you done for them lately?

They come in like clock-work, rarely missing an appointment and just being great patients. And yet it’s easy to take them for granted. You count on your base of solid patients to keep your practice running and busy. So what have you done for them lately? Internal marketing isn’t just about asking for referrals. It’s […]

Productivity…It’s Not About Money

Productivity, profitability, production, sometimes it seems that dentistry is all about the numbers. Let’s face it, you’re in business to deliver outstanding care to your patients AND make a living, right? I tell the teams I work with all the time, the numbers are a tangible way to track how well we are taking care […]