Assisted hygiene secrets from someone that’s actually living it!

It’s been a whirlwind week! Fall is always such a busy time in my business and I am so thankful that this year is no different. Our laser and ultrasonic expert, Allison traveled all the way from California to spend the week with me. We traveled to Connecticut first to spend three days with my […]

You Want How Much?

The ADA had an incredibly successful annual session last week. With so many practices feeling the effects of changes in the economy, having almost 30,000 dental professionals in Las Vegas is a sure sign of commitment. So many times, we wonder how we can afford to invest in things such as continuing education courses or […]

FREE Training Videos for you!

Last week I talked about identifying Hidden Obstacles in your practice. I just created a training video to give you a sneak peek into the most common obstacles I see in practices and what to look for in yours. I’m going to be doing these videos regularly and I’d love to hear what you think. Click […]

Find Your ‘Why’

You’ve heard me say that before you can effectively recommend and enroll any treatment, product or service to your patients you must, in your heart, believe that it is valuable. You must find out ‘why’ it is a high value product or service and how it’s going to make a difference for your patients. I […]