Do you value Perio Maintenance?

Today, I’m in Dallas with my friends at Productive Dentist Academy. I’m so excited to learn and reconnect with some old friends and meet new ones. Take a look at the call I’m doing for our Mastermind members today. I’ll give you specific benchmarks for hygiene profitability, perio awareness, specific services and recare. Don’t miss it. […]

Where Do You Stand?

If you’ve been reading my articles for awhile, you’ve heard me mention that you must know your Perio Percentage.  Every consultant has a slightly different way of calculating this percentage but they all come down to comparing perio procedures to prophies. So where do you stand? In my opinion, this is the single most important indicator […]

The Buck Stops With You!

Obstacle #3: There Is No Accountability Out of all the obstacles, this one might just be the most ‘in our face’ on a day to day basis.  When there’s no accountability, things fall through the cracks. These can be little things like running out of cotton rolls or they can be big things, like a patient showing […]

Plan for Success in 2011

Join us for the January Hygiene Profits Mastermind Call on Thursday, January 20 at 1pm. Plan for Success Everyone wants to start the year strong and improve on last year’s results. But do you know what you should be striving for? While every practice is unique, there are benchmarks for hygiene productivity and service. Knowing and understanding these benchmarks […]