Trait #1- Rock Star Hygienists love setting and achieving goals

Trait #1- They love setting and achieving goals! Rock star hygienists are committed to achieving and even EXCEEDING goals. The rock star hygienist thrives on a sense of accomplishment. This type of team member responds well to the idea of being rewarded with team bonus based on goal achievement. Want to bring out the rock star […]

Seamless or Scrambling?

Over Christmas I watched the 80’s cult classic, “Sixteen Candles.”  I’ve seen it dozens of times, as I’m sure many of you reading this e-zine have! I love the scene where the entire family is rushing out the door trying to pile into the family sedan en route to Jenny’s wedding.  I get sweaty palms […]

It all depends on you…

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday season.  Here at our house, we celebrate Christmas and this year was so much fun.  Andrew is just big enough that he really enjoyed the celebration.  He and Anna love to color together so they are really enjoying their new pint-size table and chairs.  Now if I can […]