Get your Camera out of the Closet

So, you’ve invested thousands of dollars on various technology breakthroughs in dentistry.  Whether you are a technology geek or just beginning to dabble, the key to getting a healthy return on your investment is to get your team on board.  Achieving this starts with you, Doctor.  Being excited and confident about your new piece of […]

What’s the best use of YOUR down time?

We recently worked with a practice suffering from a MAJOR queen bee infestation.  When we interviewed the dental assistants, the administrative team, the other hygienist, and THE DOCTOR, they all complained of constant stress brought upon primarily by “Jane” a queen bee RDH.  “Jane” had worked in this practice for over 20 years and the entire team, […]

Let Go and Let Them

We’ve all heard the term “Let go and let God”. For sure, I have to remind myself of that mantra from time to time. Have you ever noticed that when you hover or micromanage your team, even less gets done? You’re all busy tripping over each other and it becomes a power struggle between you […]