It’s ok to be skeptical

In our speaking programs and private coaching, we always tell the teams we’re working with that it’s ok to be skeptical. There’s a difference between being skeptical and being resistant. Being resistant means you’re not willing to change the way you’ve always done things and you’re not willing to be flexible. Even when there’s a […]

Trait #3- “The Do-Whatever-It-Takes-Hard-Worker”

Trait #3-  “The Do-Whatever-It-Takes-Hard-Worker” The most successful hygienists we encounter are ones that understand the commitment of pitching in.  The idea that some duties in the dental office are below them and are, “not my job” doesn’t exist for the rock star hygienist. Rock stars are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the hygiene […]

Time Management

Rachel shares the #1 reason time management is hard for hygienists

How do you classify bleeding?

While you might say ‘if there’s bleeding…there’s bleeding’, it’s important to classify bleeding according to the severity and the prevalence. I recently worked with a team that had a very well developed hygiene department but there were some inconsistencies between treatment recommendations. One thing we discovered is that their way of describing the amount of […]

How much radiation are we really getting?

Here at Inspired Hygiene, we believe in building on the knowledge of others.  This doesn’t mean using someone else’s information as your own but rather acknowledging that no one person can know EVERYTHING there is to know in a subject area.  But if we pool our knowledge and collaborate…THEN we are unstoppable. This is how our Hygiene […]