Are you a helicopter boss?

I knew this day would come but I have to say I wasn’t fully prepared for it. Yesterday, Anna had her 1st day of Kindergarten!! Matt and I decided together that she would ride the bus from the start and Anna was so excited! The bus stop is at the end of our driveway and all […]

Have them at hello

Should we charge a cancellation fee? How do we make effective confirmation calls? Do we really have to follow this script word for word? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions (and be honest, we all have) then you’ll want to consider joining us for next week’s Hygiene Profits Mastermind tele-class. I am so thrilled […]

Make Your Patients Feel Special

While talking to a new client recently, one thing he said he’d like his team to recognize is that ‘every visit is a big deal for our patients’.  His point is that sometimes we become so desensitized to being at the dentist that we don’t understand our patients’ need for reassurance and patience. If I count […]