Ultrasonics vs. Hand Scalers…how much time with each?

During the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working with teams in three distinct regions of the country. It is fascinating to me how every dental practice feels their challenges are theirs alone and yet I see how they actually have so much in common. A conversation that has come up in more than […]

Practicing Ultrasonic Techniques to Improve your Clinical Game

Here are a few quick tips to help you get recommitted to some of the fundamentals of ultrasonic instrumentation. Insert selection is incredibly important. Several manufacturers offer slim style inserts as well as standard inserts. Slim style (commonly known by brand names such as Slimline, Streamline, etc.) inserts are great for biofilm disruption. These thinner […]

Save a life while building your practice

Next Thursday is our monthly Hygiene Profits Mastermind call. This month Kim is going to be interviewing a very special guest on a very important topic. Learn how you can save a life while building your practice. I hope you’ll join us! “Reduce Risks, Save Lives, Grow your Practice: the Effective Oral Cancer Screening Examination” […]

Here’s the Secret to a Successful and Happy Practice…

How many of the team members reading this article have only worked in one office? How many Drs. reading this article only know what happens in the microcosm of their practice? I’m guessing many of you fall into this category? As practice coaches, we have the unique ability to see things through an objective set […]