Do Genetics Count?

Yes, genetics do count, even when it comes to periodontal disease!  With a simple test we can now know if our patient will have an over expression of inflammation to the presence of pathogenic bacteria. And with this information we can personalize their treatment and maintenance accordingly. The Perio Sensitivity Test (PST) is a one-time […]

Special call for DENTAL ASSISTANTS tomorrow!

A few months back I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the premier dental assistants in the country. With a nudge from Linda Miles (she starts everything 🙂 ), Tina Calloway and I started getting to know each other and I realized how great it would be to do a Mastermind call for all the fabulous […]

Start asking around…

You’ve had the same experience, I’m sure. A friend or coworker shares with you that a family member is struggling with a major health issue. It happens to me frequently as I tend to meet dozens of new people every week whether in clinical hygiene practice, in a client office or when I’m teaching a […]