Are You Swapping Spit?

It might be more politically correct for me to ask if are you sharing saliva, rather than swapping spit, but either way, the answer would be the same. Yes! Most of us, in one way or another, are transmitting pathogens through our saliva. It’s very interesting, although not surprising, that when testing the saliva of […]

How do you track adult fluoride with the new codes?

Some teams just know how to have FUN! And the team of Drs. Harris and Reynolds in Little Rock is one of them. I had the distinct pleasure of spending two days in this practice last week. They had thought for YEARS about bringing in a hygiene coach to help them up-level their perio program, […]

America’s Sweet Tooth Obsession

Happy Spring! It’s finally reached us here in NC, and I hope that if you’re still in the cold that you’re at least seeing some small signs that warmer weather is on its way! Last week, I snuck away with the family for a couple days of Spring Break in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We […]

Welcome to Miami!

            Artistic Smiles of Miami With the strong yet gentle leadership style of Dr. Yon Elejabarrieta, he and his team at Artistic Smiles of Miami worked together to successfully implement the new services and systems that they had agreed to during our two-day workshops. They understood that in order to […]