Are They Getting Any Better?

It may not be getting any worse but is it getting better? The effects of chronic inflammation. One of the statements Kim, Jamie and I hear a lot when we coach clients is this: “I have a lot of patients that have 4-5mm pockets that bleed, but they’ve been like that for a long time. […]

Got Goals?

GOT GOALS? “Arriving at one goal is … the starting point to another.” So whenever we begin private coaching with our clients, we make sure that we sit down with the team and create a clear vision as to how the new protocols will be implemented. We set goals that are obtainable and we map […]

So where do the dental assistants fit in?

We get this question all the time from our private clients and Mastermind members… ‘so where do our dental assistants fit in here?’.  Our articles and training videos speak to the doctor, the hygienist and the office manager but admittedly, our programs are not specifically geared to speak to dental assistants. But what we’ve found is […]

Show Me The Money!!!

You’re not going to want to miss the Hygiene Profits Mastermind call this month! Every team member I’ve ever met over the last 22 years has asked me about this topic. There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to financial incentives and on this call, we clear it up! On the May 16th monthly […]

Are you relying on your periodontist’s records?

Documenting a clear periodontal diagnosis and treatment plan is critical to the health of your practice. Not only for your patients’ well being but also to protect your practice from the risk of being sued for NOT thoroughly examining and documenting a patient’s periodontal status and/or NOT recommending proper treatment. One question we get occasionally […]