A little inspiration from Michigan

Have you ever had one of those days?  Maybe you’re even having one today! You know: the kind of day where everything seems to take longer, everyone seems to be grumpy and things just aren’t going your way.  We all seem to have our share of those days.  But the real test of our “mettle” * is how we react […]

Understanding and Co-Managing the Diabetic Patient

“Has your life or the life of a family member been touched by diabetes?”  I have asked hundreds of people this question and gotten an overwhelmingly positive response.  This is not surprising when we see statistics like we saw in last week’s ezine. But there’s good news: in many cases, diabetes and its related conditions […]

Reported to The Board

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending The Productive Dentist Academy seminar in Ft. Worth, TX.  I’ve been to PDA many times and I ALWAYS learn something new. Another fun fact is that Vicki McManus (co-owner of PDA) has been a mentor of mine and I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude for the […]

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease – Are they epidemics?

Diabetes and periodontal disease: are they epidemics? Now that’s a good question! In fact that’s two good questions, so let’s take them one at a time. Is diabetes reaching epidemic proportions? There were approximately 246,000 deaths attributed to diabetes in 2012 Nearly 23 million Americans have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, up a whopping 8% […]