Hygiene Coaching Creates Positive Change and BIG Results

“Great things really do come in small packages.” This old adage range loud and clear during my in-office visit with Dr. Joseph Hull and his team in Gregory, South Dakota. Often in the dental profession, we find tough challenges which often make it seem that staying-the-course is just an old useless cliché. We are often […]

The Three C’s of Dental Patient Care

Consistency – Continuity – Courage “The Three C’s” of Patient Care   Consistency, continuity and courage: from now on known as the “Three C’s” of Dental Patient Care! Consistency or steadiness is the willingness to stay the path you have set for yourself.  Even on the bad days you stick to your advanced communication skills, principles […]

How do you know when you’ve done a good job?

We ask this question of every team member we work with in our private in-office coaching programs. No matter the location or size of the practice, the answers really aren’t all that different. ‘I know when my patients request me for their next visit’ ‘I know when I see great results after perio therapy’ ‘I […]