Treating periodontal disease from the INSIDE OUT

Today’s video is the first in a four-part series called “The Four Pronged Approach”.  In keeping with the theme of our Mastermind call for this month, “Your Mouth – Your Body – Your Health” which focuses on wellness, in this first Video on Prong One, I discuss treating periodontal disease from the INSIDE OUT. This Four […]

Straight talk about the prophylaxis; myths and realities

CLICK ON THE LINK to read Stacy McCauley’s latest article published at Leave us a comment about your thoughts on Stacy’s “to-the-point” steps for providing exceptional hygiene care and standards. ‹ Would you talk to your patient about her weight? Treating periodontal disease from the INSIDE OUT › One comment on “Straight talk about the […]

Would you talk to your patient about her weight?

If you remember Kim Miller’s call about the 4-Prong Approach (it’s in our extensive Mastermind library) then you’ll remember that one of the prongs was ‘Inside Out’. This means that as you’re developing a treatment plan, you must address how a patient’s immune system (inside) is going to respond to the treatment you’re recommending. One […]

Doctors: Please get on the same page.

I’ve known for a long time that in a group practice, it’s critical for all the dentists to have generally the same treatment philosophy, and to express this philosophy to the team. Knowing this – and making it a reality are two different things. I’ve heard story after story from hygienists revealing how they struggle […]