Sound Systems Lead to Success

Is your team (like many others) struggling with hygiene open time? Aside from sending your patient a chariot to pick them up – ensuring  that they keep the appointment – you do everything within your power and you still have cancellations or no shows that poke holes in your schedule and cost the practice thousands […]

Is there a problem with your probing technique?

I was on-site doing a private workshop for a new client recently and one of the hygienists (practicing for over 20 years) had a huge mindset shift on how to use the periodontal probe. It wasn’t easy for her as the concepts I was teaching her went against what she was taught in school and what she […]

Do you know the secrets?

Yesterday as I was reviewing the team surveys from one of our private coaching clients, I noticed something that is extremely common and yet very frustrating. In these surveys we ask team members what’s working and not working in the practice related to the hygiene department. One of the hygienists shared that she has a […]

Are You Referable?

Like you, I’m always investing and learning to further develop my career and business. This year, I’ve been working with a business-coaching group called Strategic Coach. One of the things I’m learning is how to structure Inspired Hygiene to keep increasing value for our clients and community and gain more free time with my sweet […]