Quick Video Tip – Are you building?

What was the last book you read?  Were you able to apply the principles in the book to taking your business or career to the next level?  Over the next few months we will be recommending business books as well as clinical books and tell you HOW these books relate to your hygiene department. Watch the first […]

Why Are You Doing That?

According to Simon Sinek, it’s not what we do or how we do it that matters: it’s WHY we do it that’s most important.   Sinek asserts that people (our patients) don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it. With that in mind, shouldn’t we be prepared to tell our patients WHY we open the doors of our practice everyday?  To do […]

4 Ways to Explain Perio Maintenance to Patients

Do you struggle with explaining to patients the difference between prophy and perio maintenance? Do you know how to transition patents from a prophy to perio maintenance? Do you know when to move a patient from prophy to perio? This video will give you the answers to these questions.  Take a look. Let us know […]