A Little Inspiration from California to Cambodia

I’m always impressed when one of our Inspired Hygiene clients steps outside of their comfort zone and does something extraordinary.  This is definitely the case with Dr. Richard Tomlinson of Tahoe City, California and his daughter Lindsey Combe, RDH. Lindsey and Dr. Tomlinson left the US on December 28, 2014 and didn’t return until January10, […]

Effective and Efficient Morning Huddles

We have all worked in private practice where the morning huddle can vary on so many levels (if there even is one)! Often it can become a wasted 15 minutes of time discussing what everyone did the night before or waiting for half the staff to show up! FRUSTRATING to most and very ineffective to […]

Stealth Safety

I’ve been in Dentistry my entire adult life and I can honestly say I’ve never met a dental professional that would knowingly violate OSHA safety and infection control procedures. On the other hand, I have observed many questionable practices when it comes to sterilization and infection control. In those cases, I suggest a trained OSHA […]

The Power of Yet!

As the new-year unfolds, I’m excited about the months of ‘glorious time’ ahead to accomplish my 2015 goals!  Because I know you’re the kind of person who starts the new-year by setting your intention to accomplish your goals too, I wanted to share some powerful information with you. According to dictionary.com, power is the ability to do or act, the capability […]