Mid-career crisis

Today, I turn 45. I’m so grateful that I’m happy and healthy to celebrate another year! I pray I’m fortunate enough for this to be mid-life for me. That means I will get to see my kids grow and have families of their own. It means I will be able to celebrate 50+ years of […]

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina…

There I was loading my luggage into the car the day of the team workshop.  Look at the glory that greeted me! What a sunrise!  And it was indeed a wonderful beginning to a great day! Since then, the population of Anderson, South Carolina has been getting healthier and healthier.  In just a few weeks, […]

The Fire Within

As a three-time graduate of the Bale Doneen Preceptorship, and a patient of a Bale Doneen Cardiologist, I have fully embraced the role of treating periodontal disease as part of a treatment plan for the prevention of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.   If you are not yet convinced that periodontal inflammation is indeed a contributor to your patients’ overall […]

Your Diabetic Patients Need Your Help

I will never forget a statement that was made by financial expert Regina Lewis on the TV show ‘The View’ a few years ago.  She was speaking on industries with growing job markets. She included dental hygiene in the segment and stated that dental hygienists do not need a college degree. She said ‘All I […]