Is perio really a risk factor for heart disease?

I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that treating gum disease goes way beyond saving teeth. Treating periodontal disease is a LIFE SAVING gift we can offer our patients. Are you doing all you can to help you patients say yes to treating gum disease? Are telling your patients about the relationship that perio […]

What will your patients think?

If you’re like just about EVERY dental professional I’ve ever met, you’ve asked yourself this question when you’ve been faced with telling a long standing patient they have active periodontal disease. It’s so common…especially when you’re working on taking your diagnostic skills to the next level and being more proactive with your treatment recommendations. What […]

Best Practices

This unique Mastermind webinar will feature four dynamic dental practice administrators who will share their combined experience and best practices.  You’ll be surprised by their varied backgrounds and impressed by their dedication to excellence. Join me, and my special guests, Carol Baron, Julia Stone, Karlie Miller and Pam Henson for a lively discussion on ‘Best Practices for […]

Crucial Conversations

The great historian Arnold Toynbee once said “nothing fails like success”. Although that may sound a bit negative, what I believe he means is that when a challenge in life is met by a response that is equal to it, you have success. But when the challenge is moved to a higher level, the stakes […]