Stop Saying…Start Saying

The definition of Minimize; to make smaller or of less importance. To reduce or diminish. Minimizing things in life are often good and useful but if not careful, can also be harmful. Choosing to minimize our spending to save money or our food intake to lose weight would be great reasons, but when we are […]

Embracing Change!

I love working with high caliber dentists and team members; it’s always a joy! It’s especially rewarding when the team embraces change. While the goal is always elevated patient care and successful treatment outcomes, some teams and individuals resist change. Not so with this team, they rolled up their sleeves and eagerly adopted new philosophies, techniques […]

[Video Tip] Documentation: Are you doing enough?

Like it or not, documentation is quickly becoming a very important task in our role as dental professionals. The trick is to learn how to do it all and still TAKE CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS. Am i right? So in the coming months, we’ll share some tips to help you upgrade your documentation and some […]

Making the invisible, visible!

This month’s Special Topic Mastermind Webinar will help you understand why and decide when to use salivary diagnostics.  Much different than ‘culturing’, salivary diagnostics uses polymerase chain reaction and next generation sequencing for a testing platform. These results can help you determine the inflammatory risk, the best treatment modalities and maintenance protocols for your patients who have […]

[Video Book Review] Are you doing TOO many things?

I know you’ve felt it at one time or another. I have too. It’s…overwhelm. And when you feel overwhelmed it can be hard to make any progress at all with the task at hand. I talk with hygienists all the time that feel overwhelmed by everything they want accomplish in a hygiene appointment. This week’s […]