Did I Save My Patient’s Life Today?

Last week I had a dental emergency happen in my chair. It was a very scary situation to say the least. I, like many of us have been trained to handle most medical emergencies should they arise, but have wondered…could this really happen in MY chair and if it did, would I react appropriately to […]

What would YOU do with this new patient?

I recently received an email with a very common dilemma. It’s a situation where a new patient had perio therapy years ago in another practice and now their dental benefit provider will not contribute to Periodontal Maintenance. Because this is such a common issue, I shared some advice on this dilemma in today’s video.  There’s […]

CAMBRA! What is it and how do I use it?

Do you have a CAMBRA protocol in your office? If your office is like many of my clients, the answer is no. The next obvious question is, how do you get a CAMBRA protocol in place? October’s Hygiene Profits Mastermind Webinar will tell you exactly how to get a protocol up and running in your […]

Insurance coding errors are more common than you might think! Using the ‘wrong’ code or applying the code in the ‘wrong’ sequence is often an honest mistake that may have serious consequences. Join Dr. Charles Blair and myself as we explore common coding errors and misconceptions during this months Hygiene Profits Mastermind Webinar. You can’t […]

Get Inspired by a RDH Rock Star!

We often hear the term “Over Achiever” when describing some of our colleagues and clients in the dental profession. As I was preparing for this week’s e-zine where I am highlighting a RDH that demonstrates how to be a true “Rock Star”, it occurred to me that term never rang truer than for Rita Bollwitt! […]