Celebrate! Celebrate…dance to the music!

Celebrating with my clients is hands down the best part of my job! Please join me as I celebrate with this amazing father daughter team practicing in a suburb of Chicago! Look at the progress they’ve made in just 3 short months with our Kick Start program. The chart below details their success! I’m impressed, […]

Is It Time For Your Team To Get Calibrated?

Doctors, have you ever you wondered why more perio is being consistently diagnosed in hygiene operatory A than hygiene operatory B? Hygienists, are you ever concerned about how the new patient exam starting in the doctors chair, may not include accurate perio diagnosis? Maybe it is time for the doctors and hygienists on the team […]

Got Blind Spots?

Have you ever heard the expression, “get the puppies back in the basket”? Well, for us, it means getting all our practice systems and team members ‘in the same basket’ or ‘in alignment’!  Once you’ve done that, you can identify the blind spots preventing you from developing productive systems and having an engaged and accountable […]

How’s your motivation?

Chris Grosser said, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them!” One of the unique aspects of dentistry is that we have the power to create a new opportunity with each patient at each appointment! One of the most frustrating aspects of dentistry is staying motivated to look for and create those opportunities each day! In this […]