What’s being left out?

You’ve probably heard about the 20-20-20 concept to managing hygiene appointment time. As we’ve taught this over the past dozen years of coaching and training dental teams one thing we’ve learned is this…When recare appointment time drops much below 60minutes, crucial tasks are often left out. The interesting thing is that when these diagnostic tasks […]

Best Dentist in Bakersfield

I’m so excited to introduce you to the dynamic team at Dr. Thomas Frank’s office who have been named Best Dentist in Bakersfield for the 8th year in a row! Wow, what an honor! Please join all of us at Inspired Hygiene as we congratulate this hard working team for their dedication to excellent patient […]

Get Your Patients to Show Up

Picture this… it’s Monday morning, the phone is ringing off the hook and you just had three cancellations, two for the Hygienist and one for the Doctor. Ugh! Your priority for this morning just became schedule recovery. Never mind that you had other important things to do, you are NOW picking up the phone and […]

Connecting the ‘Dots” to Have Improved Patient Compliance

We all have patients that don’t want to take responsibility for their own disease. Right? It is like “pulling teeth” to get some patients to be more compliant with simple requests like updating their health history or understanding the importance of regular hygiene visits. So how can we expect some of these same patients to […]