Think Differently

When it comes to the early intervention and treatment of periodontal disease, I often hear myself telling hygienists and dentists… “It’s time to do something different”! While this statement remains true, the real magic happens when we actually begin to ‘think differently’!   Thinking about periodontal disease as a biofilm infection involving the patients’ immune system, instead […]

Is chewing a lost art?

Quite frankly, the thought never occurred to me that chewing could in fact be a lost art. Does the American diet of highly processed foods have implications that are detrimental to our health beyond the obvious diabetes and obesity concerns? You bet it does! Turns out, there are oral-facial developmental concerns when ‘chewing’ raw foods […]

[Quick Video Tip] Improve your relationship with your periodontist – Part 1

I bet if you ask your team what your protocol is for referring patients to the periodontist, you’ll get a few different answers. There’s not been a team yet that we’ve worked with that has a VERY clear, consistent protocol for this. But here’s the thing…it’s not black and white and I don’t believe in […]