A Holiday gift honoring YOU

You’ve been a blessing to us this year and we hope to pass this blessing along. A gift has been given to The King’s Kitchen and Oral Cancer Cause in honor of you! Both of these organizations have a special place in our hearts and we are grateful to be able to provide them support. Thank you for being […]

Have You Fallen into a Perio Maintenance Trap?

The term “Prophy Trap” is a relatively common term for practices that are struggling with diagnosing and recommending perio therapy to their patients. One of the ways you know you are in this type of trap is when you find yourself constantly doing bloody and challenging prophies and running behind much of the day. This […]

Six, Six in Sixty

A few weeks ago I asked all of the Inspired Hygiene Coaches / Speakers, to collaborate with me on the December Hygiene Profits Mastermind Webinar. Each of us prepared a brief video on a topic that we believed would most benefit YOU, our dental colleagues! Six, Six in Sixty is the result of our collective […]

The Power of Perio Maintenance

As our patient’s health care providers, we KNOW the importance of never letting insurance companies influence our diagnosis and treatment recommendations based on reimbursement. But many of us have fallen victims of this very thing. Sometimes what we think is helping the patient and the practice can have big consequences and outcomes. This is exactly […]