Inspiration from Alabama

It’s a great day to celebrate your team success and while you’re at it, celebrate with this dedicated team in Florence, Alabama. Take a moment to look at the chart below and appreciate the win win! This team has increased the number of patients who are receiving necessary periodontal care and they have reaped not […]

Critical Thinking with Difficult Patients

We have all been there a time or two with that difficult patient! They seem compliant, you have done everything that you can think of from a clinical treatment standpoint, yet they still appear unhealthy due to the amount of bleeding they exhibit during their recent hygiene visit. NOW WHAT? Watch my short video on […]

Should Periodontists bill periodic exams? Is it sinurance fraud if they don’t?

Recently, we’ve started working with Periodontists helping them look at how they can take their hygiene departments and the care they deliver to the next level.  Often this involves tightening up documentation, diagnosing recurrent disease and improving communication with the referring General Dentist. One trend I’ve noticed is that Periodontists often don’t bill out exams regularly […]

What’s your TMAO level?

Turns out there’s a new blood test that measures levels of Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which is an amine oxide generated from choline, betaine, and L-carnitine by gut microbial metabolism. TMAO, which should be ≤ 6.2, can powerfully predict future risk of heart attack, stroke, and death in patients who appear otherwise healthy, according to the […]