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This week, I’m excited to share the podcast interview I did with Dr. Mark Costes recently. Dr. Mark has a HUGE podcast following and he’s an authority for building multiple practices on culture, quality and systems.  In the interview I share so many tips on how to get your team to consistently ‘tee up’ treatment in hygiene AND […]

Quick Return on Hygiene Coaching Investment

Many times, when we first start talking with doctors regarding private coaching, they are concerned with two main things: Will my entire team be open to the new changes? How quickly will we see a return on our coaching investment? Two reasonable concerns. It is hard to answer the first concern with certainty. That is […]

When should you refer to the Periodontist?

I recently spoke with a well-respected Periodontist and he shared some very specific times when he believes general dentists and hygienists should consider referring. In our experience with dental teams across the US and Canada, it is VERY common for teams to NOT have a clear standard for when they refer.  I believe there’s a lot […]

Dental Ultrasonic Scalers Working Length

When was the last time you checked the working length on your ultrasonic tips or inserts? Watch this video for a quick tip to ensure profitability and comfort from your ultrasonics.