Take 5 and Save Lives!

Take five minutes to view this video interview with Dr. Amy Doneen. Amy is the co-presenter of the Bale Doneen Preceptorship Course and owner of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Spokane, Washington. Listen carefully to this ‘life saving’ message from Amy and be encouraged! We can win the battle of gum disease […]

Quick Verbal Skills

Take less than 3 minutes and watch the attached video for two ‘quick verbal skills’ that will help you to help your patients accept more treatment while communicating how much you care! If you’d like to learn more about the potential of your hygiene department, request a complimentary Discovery Session.

What happened to all our patients?

We get this question all the time… ‘We have a strong new patient flow so why aren’t we adding hygiene days?’. We’ve seen dentists with 40-50 new patients/month and yet they have the same 6-8 days of hygiene each week that they had 5 years ago. There are 2 critical metrics to focus on to […]