Does Family History Impact Oral Disease?

You would have to be living under a rock to not know about the direct relationship between oral and systemic health, right? We also talk about how the genetic link to periodontal disease could also influence our patient’s periodontal health. But are we remembering to ask our patients a simple but VERY IMPACTFUL question….”DO YOU […]

Inspiration from Florida

When you have 2 practices ready to make BIG changes to your hygiene department, you may think you have twice the work ahead of you. This private client in Florida, proved that is not true. They took the challenge on and made it look simple. Check out their success below.

What’s Your Next Step?

Please take 3.5 minutes and listen to Drs. Rudy and Mark Braydich as they pay tribute to their incredible Hygiene Department! If your next step includes elevating your hygiene services to at least 35% perio procedures, let me invite you to set up a ‘get acquainted’ call. I look forward to speaking to you soon!

[VIDEO] DENTISTS – Don’t forget this

In your day-to-day busyness, it’s hard to see the big picture. It’s hard to forget how your actions affect your team in a POSITIVE way. Every ‘thank you, today was a great day’ and every time you teach and mentor your team has a huge impact on them for the rest of their lives. In […]

3 Quick Tips for Intraoral Camera Tour of the Mouth

When I work with dental teams, I typically find that teams only use the intraoral camera to take a picture of 1 specific problem or to take a complete tour of the mouth only when they see a new patient. I want to challenge you to consider taking a more comprehensive tour of the mouth […]