A little inspiration from West Virginia…

It’s no secret that West Virginia is the butt of just about every bad ‘tooth’ joke there is. But from rafting down the New River to driving through the beautiful fall foliage to the fabulous Linda Miles ☺, a lot of great things come out of West Virginia! And now I have another reason to love West Virginia…a certain fantastic dental team!

It is my pleasure to celebrate the entire team at Shady Spring Dental! On a country road just outside Beckley, Dr. Clay and Dr. Hiener have built a powerful team and a practice that is high tech and committed to delivering the best patient care possible. The doctors have consistently invested in themselves and the team through continuing education, coaching and facility improvements. I wonder if their patients know how fortunate they are…

This team was already performing at a very high level with a perio percentage of 35% and like most high performance teams; they wanted to take it to the next level.

In the past few months they’ve achieved:

• Their best production month ever
• An increase in hygiene production of over $7000 per month
• Increased use of local antibiotics resulting in improved health for patients
• Entire team on the ‘same page’ and a consistent perio diagnosis and treatment protocol
• Renewed enthusiasm in patient care!

I’m with them TODAY for my 2nd visit to focus on restorative co-diagnosis, supportive homecare products and implementing a high-level caries prevention system.

I know I’m inspired by what they’ve achieved. How about you??

Stay Inspired,

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