Are You Referable?

Like you, I’m always investing and learning to further develop my career and business. This year, I’ve been working with a business-coaching group called Strategic Coach. One of the things I’m learning is how to structure Inspired Hygiene to keep increasing value for our clients and community and gain more free time with my sweet family. Pretty awesome, huh?

The founder of this group is Dan Sullivan. He’s a true innovator and a brilliant mind in the world of entrepreneurial business and personal achievement.

In one of his books, he poses the question… ‘Are you referable?’

This question applies to any business and is one you’ll want to ask about YOUR practice and even of YOUR hygiene department. Just about every dental practice is working to increase new patient flow. We know that authentic internal marketing is one of the best ways to grow a practice so I encourage you to ask yourself this question… ‘Are we referable?’

Watch this week’s video message to find out 4 things that make you referable and how you can apply this directly to your practice, your hygiene department and most importantly, YOURSELF.

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