Are your fluoride treatments really effective?

You will want to be on this month’s Hygiene Mastermind call…or at least listen to the recording.

There is some critical information about caries prevention and remineralization and in my experience speaking and coaching across the country, much of this information has not been heard by a large portion of the dental profession.

Bottom line, there’s a lot more to preventing cavities than fluoride and if you’re not addressing these foundational oral environment issues, the effectiveness of the fluoride treatment is compromised.

Here’s a fantastic resource written by our speaker, Dr. Brian Novy.  After you scroll down to see the details of the call, click here to download his article ‘Dental Caries: a pH-mediated disease’.

Dr. Novy is a highly sought-after speaker, professor and clinical dentist and he’s going to give us some practical, real-world ways to implement CAMBRA and effective caries prevention strategies AND how you can better understand the caries process and how it’s about more than diet and homecare.

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“If Plaque Could Talk”
with special guest Dr. Brian Novy

Our understanding of dental caries is exploding at an astonishing rate.  The idea of assessing caries risk has been around for more than a decade, but only a handful of clinicians are able to transition from the risk assessment to appropriate prevention.  If you find yourself saying, “Brush better, don’t eat sweets, and use more fluoride,” then you’re probably really frustrated. This course will change the way you think about cariology and minimally invasive dentistry.

This call will cover:

  • Caries prevention/treatment includes pH modification
  • Patients should be treated individually based on the physiology of the mouth
  • When fluoride hasn’t worked to prevent disease, it’s time to consider alternatives
  • The focus of prevention is creating new biofilm, not simply removing the existing biofilm

Date: Thursday, December 20

Time: 1:00pm Eastern

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