Attitude is Everything

This week it is my privilege to highlight one of our fantastic clients. I have to say that the most fun part of what we do here at IH is working with our private clients. It is SO incredibly rewarding to see them step up their game and take patient care and productivity to the next big level.

To be frank, we ask a lot of them. What they put in shows up in what they get out of the experience.

The team at Hastings Dental Health in New Hampshire has seen crazy good results. And it’s directly tied to their attitude!

In just 2 months after their 1st coaching visit they increased the number of SRPs three-fold and monthly hygiene production increased 40%!!

And this team was already doing great. They had a starting perio percentage of 36% so they are far above average. Now these results are not typical. And neither is this team.

They play full out and they had the right ATTITUDE going into the coaching experience.

Let’s look at 2 scenarios.

Team A

  • Doctors that are willing to invest in their team. This is how the BEST get better
  • A treatment coordinator that is totally confident that she has payment options that make it easy for patients to say yes to treatment
  • A hygiene team that is willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new
  • Technology and equipment to support high level care
  • A powerful assistant and admin team that firmly believe in the treatment that is being recommended

Team B

  • Doctors that do not show appreciation for their team’s efforts
  • A treatment coordinator that is hesitant to present treatment because she believes the patient will not want to pay for it
  • A hygiene team that is stuck in their ways of doing things they learned in hygiene school 20 years ago
  • Old, worn out ultrasonic tips and no cameras in hygiene ops
  • Resentment and division between ‘departments’ within the practice

Which team do you think is going to be the most successful in implementing something new? Even if they had the exact same instruction, the exact same coaching, the exact same knowledge, there is no way Team B can achieve the results that Team A will achieve.

And it’s all based on attitude.

By the way…Team A IS Hastings Dental Health. They have every single one of these characteristics and MORE.

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