Best Dentist in Bakersfield

I’m so excited to introduce you to the dynamic team at Dr. Thomas Frank’s office who have been named Best Dentist in Bakersfield for the 8th year in a row! Wow, what an honor! Please join all of us at Inspired Hygiene as we congratulate this hard working team for their dedication to excellent patient care.

Here’s what Dr. Frank had to say in a recent interview.

“Teaming up with Inspired Hygiene three years ago has been a game changer and great investment for our practice. After years of building our reputation in Bakersfield on preventative and aesthetic dentistry, we also provide clear communication on what is needed to achieve optimal periodontal health. This honest informed approach is better for our patients and they know it. They sense our sincerity as we consistently refer to the importance of the oral-systemic connection.

It’s very rewarding to receive recognition and appreciation from our community of patients. We’re particularly proud to know we pursued their overall health above all else.”

And just look at their pre and post coaching stats… these are a direct reflection of excellent care. This year, they’ve done even better with their perio percentage holding strong at 32% and monthly hygiene production consistently greater than $40k every month.

We’d love to help you and your hygiene department achieve great things too. Contact us at to set up a complementary Discovery Session today.

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