Build your practice with paid for dentistry

Don’t miss our December Mastermind Call on Thursday, December 17 at 1:00pm Eastern!

Build Your Practice with Paid for Dentistry

From terrified dental patient to popular international speaker and dental consultant, Lois Banta, CEO of Banta Consulting, Inc., has been involved in dentistry for more than 30 years. With extraordinary insight into the dynamics that make a practice successful, Lois delivers her message all over the world with enthusiasm and heartfelt conviction. So I am thrilled to have her as our guest expert for December’s Hygiene Profits Mastermind Special Topic Call.   If you’ve been to any major dental meeting, you’ve probably seen Lois’ name on the lecture schedule. She has agreed to give us an hour to share her time-tested, real-world strategies for patient financing. Whether you’re a dentist, hygienist, office administrator, you CANNOT MISS this call. Lois is so fun to talk with, you’ll really enjoy her and learn a ton!

If you’ve ever experienced the myriad of excuses when attempting financial arrangements for your patients, you know the frustrations! Dental offices have, for years, allowed our patients to control the negotiations regarding patient financing. It’s what we have done for over 50 years. All dental offices are unique and should have available to them flexible payment plans to assist your patients accept their needed dentistry. On this call, Lois will uncover the mysteries surrounding this complex issue as well as designing “fool proof” financial policies.

Here’s what she’ll share:

  • Creative financing options for cases large and small
  • The hygiene departments role in financial conversations
  • Which financial systems and protocols to have in place
  • How to say it…what to say

This call is for The Hygiene Profits Mastermind members only.   If you’re not a member, take advantage of our special two-month trial.  Go to for all of the details!

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