Catch that Ball!

Handling patient objections is one of the most challenging and time consuming things we do! Becoming an expert at handling objections is a learned skill.

Watch this short 3 min video for some tips and techniques that will help you, help your patients make good health decisions!

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One comment on “Catch that Ball!
  1. Mike says:

    Great video Kim! Handling objects properly is definitely tricky, to say the least. I’d just want to add that you should make sure you don’t end up sounding robotic or patronizing if you take these tips to heart.

    “I just don’t think I can afford this…”

    If it sounds like you’re reading from a script, you’ll probably make the patient feel uncomfortable (I know I’d feel a little weird if this happened to me). You should try to make sure your responses to their objections are natural and suit the situation ๐Ÿ™‚

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