Tell the truth, don’t minimize!

What can I tell my patients about the impact periodontal disease has on their inflammatory burden?  How can I get their attention without causing them to run screaming from the building or dismissing my comments out of hand?  If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone.
Watch this short 2½ minute video and download the attachment.   Let me know how well this technique works for you!!
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Why Are You Tracking?


Often dentists identify a behavior they’d like to see improve in their team and they want to track it. For example, increasing the number of intra-oral photos.

But is it really worth tracking an activity if there’s no end result attached to it?

This week’s video gives you a couple of solid points to communicate to your team when asking them to track a particular task.

Team Building Outside the Operatory


The most powerful reasons for team retreats are building trust and, through that trust, getting results. With a series of planned team bonding events that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Team building ideas that work help facilitate long term team development through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions and processes.

See how the Inspired Hygiene team is fostering our relationships through quality time and strategic planning with one another in beautiful Park City, Utah.

Are You Mad or Are You Motivated?

When you feel your profession is threatened, do you get mad or does it motivate you to change the outcome?

Do you depend on your boss (or your team) to provide a place to work?  Or do you continually bring value beyond what is expected and ultimately become INVALUABLE in the mind of your mentors, employers, and, for that matter, employees if you’re a business owner? 

I’ve got 2 things for you today. First, watch this quick video and, next, read the article by Dr. Howard Farran in the link below the video. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Click HERE to read Dr. Howard Farran’s article.
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Hygiene Compensation-Is it a Win-Win?


Just recently I spoke with a dentist who inherited an out of balance hygiene compensation plan that was only a ‘Win’ for one party. That’s not sustainable or conducive to maintaining a healthy business.

When the doc announced changes, let’s just say the team was ‘less than pleased’. That’s not surprising. But making these adjustments can actually be a positive turning point for improvement in your hygienist’s income AND your dental practice profitability. We’ve helped teams do this numerous times with a win-win solution.

Take 6 minutes to watch this week’s video and learn how to avoid a hygiene compensation nightmare AND how to approach your team with a positive solution if you need to make hygiene compensation changes.

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What you need to know about SDF


According to the ADA, only 16% of dental offices use Silver Diamine Fluoride on a monthly basis.  Why is that, I ask myself!  Perhaps it’s that this product is misunderstood or perhaps our paradigms simply aren’t ready to make this shift.

Whatever the reason, SDF is here to stay and you will need to decide how you are going to implement this, or not, into your daily practice!

Watch this 3.5 minute video for a sneak peak as to why SDF is so effective and click on the links below to learn more.

Check out these links for information on SDF:

An overview of silver diamine fluoride

SDF SMART technique

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Does Family History Impact Oral Disease?


You would have to be living under a rock to not know about the direct relationship between oral and systemic health, right? We also talk about how the genetic link to periodontal disease could also influence our patient’s periodontal health. But are we remembering to ask our patients a simple but VERY IMPACTFUL question….”DO YOU HAVE A FAMILY HISTORY OF…”?

Watch my short video on how asking 5 simple family history questions could make a HUGE difference in your treatment recommendations and outcomes and more importantly, your patients’ life.

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Inspiration from Florida


When you have 2 practices ready to make BIG changes to your hygiene department, you may think you have twice the work ahead of you. This private client in Florida, proved that is not true. They took the challenge on and made it look simple.

Check out their success below.