Coach Kim talks about the 2nd Prong and Instruments that Work FOR You…

This brief video E-zine is the second in a four part series called “The Four Pronged Approach”.

In keeping with the theme of our Mastermind™ call for this month, “Are Your Instruments Working for You or Are You Working for Them”, which focuses on saving and managing time by using instruments from the BOTTOM UP … that you never need to sharpen.

“The Four Pronged Approach” will help you develop a personalized, customized treatment plan for each patient. You can access the entire article and a visual aid for chair-side use in our MM Library and on our Facebook page.

Time management in the dental office is challenging even on the best day. We need all the advantages we can get. Watch your email box for details on our upcoming Video Series “A Team Approach to Hygiene Time Management” and be sure to join our Mastermind Call on Thursday, September 19 at 1pm EST to learn more about instruments that can save you time.

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