Do You Have a Winning Team?

Here are some key characteristics of winning teams.

Leadership: We all know that a team can never run faster than its leader. Although there is always room on a team for more than one leader, the head coach has to be dependable, accountable, approachable, and have the ability to guide the team with clear vision to the next level.

Preparation: A winning team never goes into a game unprepared. Effective morning huddles, discussing possible challenges in the schedule, and important facts regarding your patients prepares the team for a better chance of a successful day.

Time Outs: Calling a “Time Out” gives the team a chance to catch their breath, regroup, fix what’s not working and adjust. Time outs in the dental office can be anything from knowing when to adjust the schedule, asking or offering help when running behind, or scheduling a team retreat to push the “reset button” and restore team wellness.

Teamwork: Teams that are dedicated to a common goal with the attitude of being successful winners know that hard work and dedication are a must. A team never moves forward with individual players. They have synergy and the “we mentality”.

Game Plan: A team that is given the expectation that they must win, but never given the proper tools to achieve that goal will certainly fail. The “players” come to the game with certain skills, but refining those skills and having clear systems (plays) in place, and the proper coaching every step of the way will make the chances of winning a reality.

Celebration: When players make a good shot or have a great play, they are always greeted with “high-fives”, a firm pat on the back or praise in the locker room! Successful leaders that compliment and commend their team for their successes, hard work and a job well done on a regular basis, will always reap the benefits of a dedicated, motivated and loyal team!

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