Do you love what you do?

You all know that we coaches do a lot of traveling. We often get the question ‘How do you do it?’ when we share about our families and travel schedules. But I think I can speak for all of us here at IH…we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t LOVE it.

We love being with teams big and small and facilitating breakthroughs in care and profitability.  It gives us so much joy to see walls come down between team members and to see our clients excited about victories with patients that were previously resistant to care.

So it’s been a nice treat that I’ve had the opportunity to work with some local clients lately.

It is my pleasure to celebrate the entire team of Drs. Chris and Jim Meletiou!

In an area just outside Charlotte that was farmland when the practice was built is now in the center of a bustling suburb of one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

Dr. Jim is an instructor for Cerec and he and Dr. Chris knew it was time to give attention to hygiene and really tap into their powerful potential to care for patients at a very high level.

One of the first steps was upgrading the hygiene equipment, bringing hygiene into the not-so-new millennium.

In the past 2 months they’ve achieved:

  • Very established hygienists eagerly making some significant mindset shifts that have taken care to the next level
  • Increased their daily average by $200
  • Tripled the amount of perio treatment per month
  • Entire team on the ‘same page’ and a consistent perio diagnosis and treatment protocol
  • Renewed enthusiasm in patient care!

I know I’m inspired by what they’ve achieved. How about you??

Stay Inspired,

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