Does your team have the courage to change? [Video]

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard for some of us to accept and embrace change and for others it appears to be effortless and almost inviting? What makes a person stare change in the face with a smile while others of us gnash our teeth and glare at the suggestion of even trying something different?

See how one large team of 16 (5 hygienists) had the courage that it took to make great changes for the health of their patients and team through learning how to “speak the same language” with effective communication!

Drs. Harkins and Hancock 3 months’ Progress report

of Improvement
12 mos
Pre Coaching
Oct. – Dec. 
Perio %11%31% avg.↑182%
Quads SRP/month13138 avg.↑962%
Perio Maint/month3035 avg.↑17%
Sites local antibiotics/month653 avg.↑783%
Avg Prod/hour$149$175↑18%
Avg Hyg Prod/month$68,600$102,000 avg.↑49%

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